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Beyond Intuition by Jeanette:


Available daily. No appointment necessary.

Spiritual Vision: Guided Meditation Session

When people think of meditation their minds usually conjure up thoughts of people sitting in specific positions and doing breathing exercises. This meditation session couldn’t be further from that. In this class people learn how to comfortably find their pure connection with God while also learning how to relax and let the days pressures melt away.

Meditation is not only a good way to lower stress levels and reduce blood pressure but it also can be used to develop ones senses to a higher level. – Bring a notebook, small blanket or mat and dress comfortably.

Personal Energy Clearings/Cleansings

By Appt Only

House or Business Energy Clearings/Cleansings

By Appt Only

Understanding Numerology

Learning Dream Interpretation: Learning the language of your mind!

Jeanette teaches you how to interpret your own dreams, without the need for books, in a thoughtful and easy for everyone to understand way. Come and get in touch with your inner-self. Come and learn the language of your mind. *Class includes workbook.